Repair minor car body damage with us here at Hinds Bendalls and get quality finish while avoiding the adverse consequences that arise when claiming through insurance or when returning a lease car.

If you’ve had a minor bump, prang or scratch on your car you can come through Hinds Bendalls to get a quality repair to protect the value of your car without having to claim through insurance – or if your personal or company lease car has minor chips, scrapes or kerbed alloys you can minimise any charges for minor damage when you return the car.

Instead you can repair directly through us; whether it’s small to medium areas of your bodywork or repairing damage to your wheels, including alloys

Claiming on insurance can be costly for those with high excess, young drivers or parents with a young person on their policy – so we make an excellent alternative without compromising on a quality repair.

Our skilled technicians have many years of experience and training. You can be assured of a quality repair, whether it’s body work or alloy wheels refurbishment. Hinds Bendalls will provide a quality repair and have your car looking good as new – get in touch with us today for a quote. Don’t forget that sorting your alloy wheels and your Fast-Track Repairs together might well be a ‘smart’ move.

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