Sortimo Racking

Revolutionary, third generation in-vehicle equipment setting the standards for today and tomorrow.

The SpaceFrame architecture made of reinforced aluminium ensures less net weight and more stability. Never before has it been that easy to adjust professional in-vehicle equipment to your individual requirements

In addition, this equipment is:Sortimo Racking Components - click to download the PDF

3 years guarantee Guaranteed
Sortimo gives you 3 years guarantee on the Globelyst racking equipment when installed by an authorised partner such as R hind - Bendalls.
Crash tested Crash Tested
The Globelyst Sortimo Racking equipment has been crash tested successfully and offers a lot in passive safety.
Compatible Compatible
Individual components of the Sortimo Racking system are a perfect match and compatible with each other.
Extendable Extendable
We safeguard your investment. Your Globelyst elements can be extended exactly to your wishes at a later date.
Lightweight Lightweight
The low net weight of Sortimo Racking equipment ensures more payload capacity and lower petrol consumption in your daily operations.
Professional Professional
Ideas from professionals for professionals. All Sortimo Racking equipment elements perfectly fulfil the needs of your industry and your vehicle.
MaxxiSpaceFrame MaxxiSpaceFrame
Based on the structure of many individual components, some Globelyst Sortimo Racking elements can be installed in DIY style.
Eco Friendly Eco friendly
Globelyst Sortimo Racking is made of eco friendly materials such as plastic, steel and aluminium that can be completely recycled after their service life.

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